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Hygienic Emergency Stop Device with 4-Pole Contacts (ESL-SS-WR)

The ESL-SS-WR has been developed for use in food contact zones, providing reliable protection in food, beverage, and pharmaceutical applications. Its innovative design includes a single-piece lid enclosure with sloped edges that make it easy to clean and minimize the risk of liquids lingering on the surface after cleaning. The Ra10 mirror-polished surface is able to withstand the rigorous cleaning procedures that are standard in food manufacturing. Additionally, the ESL-SS-WR has a unique button design which is made of X-ray and metal detectable material.

  • Body Material: Mirror Polished 316 Grade Stainless Steel
  • Ingress Protection: IP69K
  • Contacts: 4NC, 3NC + 1NO or 2NC + 2NO
  • Conduits: M20 or ½” NPT
Part No.Part Description
239001ESL-SS-WR M20 ‘2NC 2NO’
239002ESL-SS-WR 1/2″ NPT ‘2NC 2NO’
239003ESL-SS-WR M20 ‘3NC 1NO’
239004ESL-SS-WR 1/2″ NPT ‘3NC 1NO’
239005ESL-SS-WR M20 ‘4NC’
239006ESL-SS-WR 1/2″ NPT ‘4NC’
239300Rear Rubber Seal
239301Stainless Steel Spacer Kit

Technical Data
TechnologyEmergency Stop, Twist-To-Release
Housing Material316 Grade Stainless Steel
Button MaterialUV Resistant, X-Ray and Metal Detectable Polyester
Safety Contact typeIEC 60947-5-1 Double break Type Zb
TerminationClamp up to 2.5 sq. mm conductors
Rating Utilisation Category : AC15
Operational RatingAC15 A300 240V. 3A /120V 6A. ac
Thermal Current (Ith)10A
Rated Insulation Voltage (Ui)500V
Withstand Voltage (Uimp)2500V.
Short Circuit Overload ProtectionFuse Externally 10A. (FF)
Operating Temperature-25 ... +80 °C
Enclosure ProtectionIP67, IP69K (NEMA 6)

Safety Classification and Reliability Data
Mechanical Reliability B10d1.5 x 10 6 operations at 100mA load
ISO 13849-1 up to PLe depending upon system architecture
EN 62061up to SIL3 depending upon system architecture
Safety Data - Annual Usage8 cycles per hour / 24 hours per day / 365 days MTTFd 214 years

Type 1 Enclosure Contact Blocks A300 230V/3A 120V/6A Wire range: 16AWG – 12AWG Stranded Copper Conductors Terminal Torque 7lb/in (0.8Nm) 24V LED (if fitted) powered by LVLC or Class 2 only.