Electromagnetic RFID Switch 1000N (MGL-2M)

  • Material: Black Die Cast Aluminium Body
  • Holding Force: 1000N
  • Ingress Protection: IP67

NOTE: The MGL range are power-to-lock and consideration must be given in the event of a power failure to machines, especially where a run down time is present before the hazard is removed.

Product TypePart No.Part Description
MGL-2M465001MGL-2M-U 5m
MGL-2M465002MGL-2M-U 10m
MGL-2M465003MGL-2M-U QC-M12
MGL-2M465004MGL-2M-M 5m
MGL-2M465005MGL-2M-M 10m
MGL-2M465006MGL-2M-M QC-M12

Associated accessories

M12 Quick Connect Cable 8-Pole 5m / 10m

Viper Safety Relay with Added Diagnostics (SCR-31-i)

Viper Safety Relay with Time Delay (SCR-31-42TD-i)