Leading Manufacturer of Safety Interlock Switches and Machine Guard Safety Switch Devices for Automation and Process Safety

Standard Key (SK)

The Standard key features 80+ stocked codes and up to 16,000 unique variations. Manufactured from 316 grade stainless steel, they are suitable for all environments.

  • 316 grade stainless steel
  • Colour coded for quick identification
  • Robust design
Part NumberKey CodeLabel Colour
SK-A101Standard Code A101Yellow
SK-A102Standard Code A102Yellow
SK-A103Standard Code A103Yellow
SK-A104Standard Code A104Yellow
SK-A105Standard Code A105Yellow
SK-A106Standard Code A106Yellow
SK-A107Standard Code A107Yellow
SK-A108Standard Code A108Yellow
SK-A109Standard Code A109Yellow
SK-A110Standard Code A110Yellow
SK-A111Standard Code A111Yellow
SK-A112Standard Code A112Yellow
SK-A113Standard Code A113Yellow
SK-A114Standard Code A114Yellow
SK-A115Standard Code A115Yellow
SK-A116Standard Code A116Yellow
SK-A117Standard Code A117Yellow
SK-A118Standard Code A118Yellow
SK-A119Standard Code A119Yellow
SK-A120Standard Code A120Yellow
SK-B201Standard Code B201White
SK-B202Standard Code B202White
SK-B203Standard Code B203White
SK-B204Standard Code B204White
SK-B205Standard Code B205White
SK-B206Standard Code B206White
SK-B207Standard Code B207White
SK-B208Standard Code B208White
SK-B209Standard Code B209White
SK-B210Standard Code B210White
SK-B211Standard Code B211White
SK-B212Standard Code B212White
SK-B213Standard Code B213White
SK-B214Standard Code B214White
SK-B215Standard Code B215White
SK-B216Standard Code B216White
SK-B217Standard Code B217White
SK-B218Standard Code B218White
SK-B219Standard Code B219White
SK-B220Standard Code B220White
SK-C301Standard Code C301Green
SK-C302Standard Code C302Green
SK-C303Standard Code C303Green
SK-C304Standard Code C304Green
SK-C305Standard Code C305Green
SK-C306Standard Code C306Green
SK-C307Standard Code C307Green
SK-C308Standard Code C308Green
SK-C309Standard Code C309Green
SK-C310Standard Code C310Green
SK-C311Standard Code C311Green
SK-C312Standard Code C312Green
SK-C313Standard Code C313Green
SK-C314Standard Code C314Green
SK-C315Standard Code C315Green
SK-C316Standard Code C316Green
SK-C317Standard Code C317Green
SK-C318Standard Code C318Green
SK-C319Standard Code C319Green
SK-C320Standard Code C320Green
SK-D401Standard Code D401Blue
SK-D402Standard Code D402Blue
SK-D403Standard Code D403Blue
SK-D404Standard Code D404Blue
SK-D405Standard Code D405Blue
SK-D406Standard Code D406Blue
SK-D407Standard Code D407Blue
SK-D408Standard Code D408Blue
SK-D409Standard Code D409Blue
SK-D410Standard Code D410Blue
SK-D411Standard Code D411Blue
SK-D412Standard Code D412Blue
SK-D413Standard Code D413Blue
SK-D414Standard Code D414Blue
SK-D415Standard Code D415Blue
SK-D416Standard Code D416Blue
SK-D417Standard Code D417Blue
SK-D418Standard Code D418Blue
SK-D419Standard Code D419Blue
SK-D420Standard Code D420Blue

Technical Data
Material316 Grade Stainless Steel
Seal MaterialSilocone