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Ejector Key (EK)

The Ejector key features 80+ stocked codes and up to 16,000 unique variations. The spring loaded barrel ejects the key out of the lock upon turning to the unlock position, prompting the user to take it.

  • 316 grade stainless steel
  • Colour coded for quick identification
  • Robust design
Part NumberKey CodeLabel Colour
EK-A101Standard Code A101Yellow
EK-A102Standard Code A102Yellow
EK-A103Standard Code A103Yellow
EK-A104Standard Code A104Yellow
EK-A105Standard Code A105Yellow
EK-A106Standard Code A106Yellow
EK-A107Standard Code A107Yellow
EK-A108Standard Code A108Yellow
EK-A109Standard Code A109Yellow
EK-A110Standard Code A110Yellow
EK-A111Standard Code A111Yellow
EK-A112Standard Code A112Yellow
EK-A113Standard Code A113Yellow
EK-A114Standard Code A114Yellow
EK-A115Standard Code A115Yellow
EK-A116Standard Code A116Yellow
EK-A117Standard Code A117Yellow
EK-A118Standard Code A118Yellow
EK-A119Standard Code A119Yellow
EK-A120Standard Code A120Yellow
EK-B201Standard Code B201White
EK-B202Standard Code B202White
EK-B203Standard Code B203White
EK-B204Standard Code B204White
EK-B205Standard Code B205White
EK-B206Standard Code B206White
EK-B207Standard Code B207White
EK-B208Standard Code B208White
EK-B209Standard Code B209White
EK-B210Standard Code B210White
EK-B211Standard Code B211White
EK-B212Standard Code B212White
EK-B213Standard Code B213White
EK-B214Standard Code B214White
EK-B215Standard Code B215White
EK-B216Standard Code B216White
EK-B217Standard Code B217White
EK-B218Standard Code B218White
EK-B219Standard Code B219White
EK-B220Standard Code B220White
EK-C301Standard Code C301Green
EK-C302Standard Code C302Green
EK-C303Standard Code C303Green
EK-C304Standard Code C304Green
EK-C305Standard Code C305Green
EK-C306Standard Code C306Green
EK-C307Standard Code C307Green
EK-C308Standard Code C308Green
EK-C309Standard Code C309Green
EK-C310Standard Code C310Green
EK-C311Standard Code C311Green
EK-C312Standard Code C312Green
EK-C313Standard Code C313Green
EK-C314Standard Code C314Green
EK-C315Standard Code C315Green
EK-C316Standard Code C316Green
EK-C317Standard Code C317Green
EK-C318Standard Code C318Green
EK-C319Standard Code C319Green
EK-C320Standard Code C320Green
EK-D401Standard Code D401Blue
EK-D402Standard Code D402Blue
EK-D403Standard Code D403Blue
EK-D404Standard Code D404Blue
EK-D405Standard Code D405Blue
EK-D406Standard Code D406Blue
EK-D407Standard Code D407Blue
EK-D408Standard Code D408Blue
EK-D409Standard Code D409Blue
EK-D410Standard Code D410Blue
EK-D411Standard Code D411Blue
EK-D412Standard Code D412Blue
EK-D413Standard Code D413Blue
EK-D414Standard Code D414Blue
EK-D415Standard Code D415Blue
EK-D416Standard Code D416Blue
EK-D417Standard Code D417Blue
EK-D418Standard Code D418Blue
EK-D419Standard Code D419Blue
EK-D420Standard Code D420Blue

Technical Data
Material316 Grade Stainless Steel