Many hazards and injuries can result from the use of robots in the workplace. Some robots, notably those in a traditional industrial environment, are fast and powerful. This increases the potential for injury.

There are seven sources of hazards that are associated with human interaction with robots and machines: human errors, control errors, unauthorized access, mechanical failures, environmental sources, power systems, and improper installation.

Human errors could be anything from one line of incorrect code to a loose bolt on a robotic arm. Many hazards can stem from human-based error. Control errors are intrinsic and are usually not controllable nor predictable. Unauthorized access hazards occur when a person who is not familiar with the area enters the domain of a robot.

IDEM recommends

Emergency Stop Device with OSSD (ES-P-Z)

Emergency Stop Device with OSSD (ESL-SS-Z)

Guard Locking RFID Safety Switch with Control Functionality (KLM-Z-4ST)

RFID Safety Gate Box 2 Station (UGB2-KLTM)

UGB-NET Gate Box in Red Die Cast with Integrated CIP Safety

UGB-NET Gate Box with Integrated PROFIsafe