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Non Contact Magnetic Switches STAINLESS STEEL


The Stainless Steel 316 HYGIEMAG Mirror Polished (Ra4) finish range have been developed for non-contact guard door interlocking for application in the Food Processing, Pharmaceutical, Packaging, Beverage and Petro-Chemical Industries.

Manufactured from Stainless Steel 316 they are suitable for CIP and SIP cleaning and can be high pressure hosed at high temperature (rated IP69K), they have a wide 12mm sensing with high tolerance to misalignment and have been designed in accordance with EHEDG guidelines for hygienic design.

The housing designs, surface finish and styling means they can be used in almost any environment subject to high levels of cleaning following contamination from foreign particles.

They are offered with various types of mounting styles to cover different levels of food contact (as described by the EHEDG):

Direct Contact Zone - The switch mounting is designed to EHEDG hygienic guidelines and also fulfils the requirements of the splash zone.

Splash Zone - The switch must be easy to clean and withstand CIP and CIP cleaning processes found in the food indutry (tested IP69K).