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Non Contact MAGNETIC Safety Switches PLASTIC

All of IDEM's Non Contact Magnetic Safety Switches are designed to conform to IEC 60947-5-3 and be used as directed by ISO12100, ISO14121 and EN 60204-1.

They have magnetic sensing which provides a wide (>12mm) sensing distance and provides a high tolerance to misalignment after sensing.

They can operate from 4 directions even in extreme environments of temperature and moisture.

They have volt free high power switching capability (either 1A or 2A ac/dc) and can be used independently to switch low risk applications, or connect to a Safety Relay to provide higher safety levels.

The Plastic IDEMAG range have been developed for non contact guard door interlocking (hinged, sliding or removable) in the applications of general factory automation, packaging and some food processing industries.

Magnetic High Power Switching up to 230Vac 2A.

Dual channel safety output 2NC (1NO auxiliary optional).

Enclosure protected to IP67 or IP69K, resistant to high temperature hosing and detergent washdown.

Offered with a choice of miniature, compact, wide or barrel type housings.

Resistance to many organic and inorganic chemicals.