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ISP-SKR-WR Isolation Switch with Solenoid Control IP65

The ISP-SKR-WR is a panel mounted trapped key operated isolation switch with IP65 ingress protection and has been designed to turn off machine safety circuits.

The key is trapped when the main safety contacts are closed (machine able to run) and can only be released when the internal solenoid in the ISP-SKR is energised.

This then enables the key to be turned and released and the safety contacts opened. The key can then be used to release other devices in a trapped key system.

It can be used in conjunction with safety delay timers to allow a delay time before the solenoid is energised therefore allowing for any machine run down prior to releasing of the key.

Available with a die cast metal (mirror polished) mounting plate and barrel housing.

For all options please see catalogue page via download button.

In addition to the 4 pole main isolator contacts, all models of the isolation switch ISP-SKR are supplied with:

RED lamp wired to indicate solenoid energized.

GREEN lamp for end user designation.

2NC 1NO monitoring contact block.

Solenoid energised to release key.

Additional Auxiliary Signal Contact Block can be added if required (PN: AUX-SP).

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