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ISB-CB-EX Explosion Proof Control Switch

IDEM's ISB-CB-EX Explosion Proof Control Switch (IECEx/ATEX internal switch) is normally the first part of the Trapped Key System within environments where the potential for explosion exists. See catalogue page for contact options.

This is where the Isolator key in the Trapped Key System "lives" - when the Isolator key is "locked" in the ISB-CB-EX power is provided to the equipment.

When the key is turned and removed the power to the equipment is removed.

The removed Isolator key can now be inserted in the next part of the Trapped Key System, i.e. Key Exchange Block or into a single component such as a Handle Interlock. Until the Isolator key is returned to the Isolator Switch power to the equipment cannot be restored.

Suitable for use in Zones 1, 2, 21, 22 (Gas and Dust). IECEx/ATEX certified. Manufactured in the UK with a die cast metal mirror polished housing and barrel housing.

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