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KLM-Z-4ST Solenoid Locking Guard Switch with RFID Interlocking and Auto Test

Solenoid Locking Switch featuring RFID interlocking with Auto Test and incorporating machine control functions

The KLM-Z-4ST incorporates all the switch features of the KLM-Z but offers extra machine control functions all in one housing incorporating standard 22mm push buttons.

The KLM-Z-4ST has a slim profile and has been designed specifically to fit on 50mm (2in.) frame sections or to applications where space is restricted The head will rotate to offer end users flexibility by providing up to 8 actuator entry positions and includes front and entry sensing.

The KLM-Z-4ST housing will incorporate standard 22mm push buttons, lamps or switches which can be added to provide machine request or control functions all from one KLM-Z-4ST housing.

Robust Stainless Steel 316 head and Die-Cast metal body.

Choice of standard or flexible actuators.

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