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VIPER SCR31-42TD-i Time Delay Safety Relay

The VIPER SCR-31-42TD-i Time Delay Safety Relay with Added Diagnostics from IDEM is designed and manufactured in the UK to meet the latest safety standards and offer enhanced LED diagnostics and simplified wiring.

Applications include the monitoring of safety interlock switches (guard door monitoring), emergency stop devices and sensors.

The SCR-31-42TD-i internal logic uses force guided relays to achieve cross monitoring, this ensures that a single fault does not lead to the loss of the safety function and that all faults are detected at or before the next safety demand.


* DELAYED contacts: 4NC and 2NO (0-30 secs.)

* OUTPUT contacts: 3NC 1NO

* Feedback circuit to monitor external contacts - used for reinforcement of contacts.

* Easy diagnosis of status via visual indication of LEDs.

* Up to PLe, SILCL 3, Category 4.

* Monitored manual or automatic start.

* Single and dual channel operation.

* Output expansion units available to increase number of outputs.

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