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M-BD-11 Bolt Interlock Dual Key in Mirror Polished Die Cast Metal

The M-BD-11 Bolt Interlock Dual Key in mirror polished die cast metal works on the principle that when the first key is "trapped" the bolt is extended and is in the locked position. There is no key in the second lock.

The second key "free" is placed in the Isolator Switch or Key Exchange System if part of a multi key system.

Once the key is in the Isolator Switch or Key Exchange System power can then be re-applied to the guarded area.

Only when the second key is inserted into the M-BD-11 Bolt Interlock and the first trapped key turned can the bolt be retracted. This operation traps the second key and releases the first key and the bolt is retracted. An application of this would be when maintenance is required and the engineer can take the released key with him. Only when this key is replaced in the M-BD-11 can the second key be released and the bolt extended. The released second key can then be placed back into the Isolator Switch or Key Exchange System.

Manufactured in die cast metal with a high mirror polished finish the BD-11 Bolt Interlock Dual Key is suitable for SIP and CIP cleaning processes with high pressure hosing with detergents at high temperatures.

Please note that the M-BD-11 Bolt Interlock is not suitable for guard access.

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