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Trapped Key Interlocks with Solenoid Controlled Key Release (Stainless Steel)

Access control is the final stage of the Trapped Key process. It grants the user the ability to gain access to the hazardous area, either full body or part body. Access control interlocks are used to ensure that a guard or door is locked closed under normal operating conditions.

IDEM’s range of solenoid interlocks with trapped key includes a monitored safety contact block and a 24VDC operated solenoid that holds the key in place until a user requests entry. Only when the solenoid receives the unlock signal can the key be turned and released, which unlocks the guard door and permits access.

The release key (often referred to as the personnel key) should be taken inside the hazardous area to reduce the likelihood of an inadvertent start-up. Only when the release key is returned, will the guard re-lock and the machine / process be restarted.

IDEM’s Trapped Key Interlocks with solenoid controlled key release in 316 grade stainless steel are suitable for high pressure hosing with detergent at high temperatures. The IP69K rating makes them the perfect choice for applications in food and beverage manufacturing.

  • Material: 316 Grade Stainless Steel
  • Ingress Protection: IP67 / IP69K