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Trapped Key Gate Access Interlock Switches die cast

Skorpion Trapped Key Interlocks (Die Cast)

Trapped Key Interlocks in Robust, Mirror Polished Die-Cast.

IDEM’s Skorpion Trapped Key System has been developed to provide extremely robust mechanical coded key safeguarding and interlocking for hazardous machinery and applications.

The trapped key system works on the principle of releasing heavy duty coded mechanical keys in a pre-determined sequence to ensure machine power has been isolated before any access can be made into areas where hazards or dangerous machinery is present.

Once the machine control has been isolated (achieved by turning the first key in the system) the removed key from the isolator is then used to release other trapped keys to enable access to the guarded areas.

Following release of the first key (isolator) safeguarding is achieved without the need for expensive and time consuming electrical wiring – thus making the system perfect for use in harsh and challenging environments and applications.

Trapped Key Switches – Trapped Key Safety System – Schlüssel-Transfer-System – SchlüsselTransferSysteme

  • Trapped Key Exchange System 1 IN / 1-9 OUT (M-KE)

    Trapped Key Exchange System 1 IN / 1-9 OUT (M-KE)

    A key exchange system is required when multiple interlocks need to be accessed at the same time. The M-KE is available with 1 Key IN and up to 9 Keys OUT – only when the key IN is present, can the Keys OUT be released. The M-KE allows for up to 5 keys to be released non-sequentially. Due to the robust die-cast metal construction, the M-KE is suitable for use in harsh environmental conditions.
    • Range of Non-Sequential and Sequential Options
    • Up to 9 keys Out for Medium to Large Interlocking Systems
    • No Wiring Required – Mechanical Operation Only
    • Vertical Design is Easy to Mount on to Guard Frames
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