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Trapped Key Power Isolation Switches (Die-Cast)

Trapped key power isolation switches ISP and ISB can be used for electrical isolation of hazardous energy. They are ideal for use in harsh environments for isolation of power to machinery or switching currents up to 63A.

Each trapped key power isolation unit has up to 4-pole switching contacts when the key is inserted and in the ON position. Turning the key changes the switching contacts to the OFF position, stopping the hazardous electrical energy.

Upon isolation, the key can be freed and transferred to the next stage of the trapped key interlocking system. Only when the key is returned, can the electrical energy be restored and the hazardous process be reinstated.

  • Mirror Polished Die-Cast Barrel
  • Panel Mount or Box Mount Options
  • 4-Pole Contacts Capable of Switching up to 690V at 25A / 40A / 63A
  • Power ON = Key Trapped / Power OFF = Key Can be Released