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Mini Valve Interlocks (Die-Cast)

Valves play a crucial role in ensuring safety across various process industries. Incorrect opening and closing of valves can lead to disastrous consequences, causing severe or even fatal injuries to operating personnel, product loss, equipment damage, and environmental pollution.

To ensure safe operation across industries such as water and food production, chemical manufacturing, and oil refining, it is essential to guarantee the safe operation of valves.

IDEM’s miniature valve interlocks not only control the opening and closing sequence of process valves but also prevent unauthorized operation. These interlocks are manufactured from stainless steel with a die-cast metal barrel, making them maintenance-free, tamper-proof, robust, reliable, and resistant to sand, dirt, snow, ice, and moisture ingress. They are easy to operate, clearly indicate the valve’s condition, and can be installed on valves ranging from 0.375” to 2” BSPP.

  • Option when key free of passing or non-passing (open or closed valve).
  • Five thread sizes (BSP) to cover most popular options.
  • Compact design for ease of mounting.