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Key Exchange Devices for Trapped Key Interlocking (Die-Cast)

Trapped Key exchange systems are required when there are multiple access points that need to be opened at the same time. When there is only one point of isolation, and a key exchange is not used, only one access point can be accessed at a time.

Once the source of hazardous energy has been isolated, the isolation key is transferred to the trapped key exchange system. Inserting and turning the key releases the access keys – this causes the isolation key to become trapped until all access keys are returned.

Our vertical key exchange systems are robust, compact and suitable for installation on guard frames.

More complex systems can be achieved using an MX panel, which can accept up to 5 keys IN and 15 Keys OUT. This is especially advantageous when there are multiple points of isolation or the use of “authority keys” is required to access the machinery.

  • Suitable for use in Harsh Environments
  • Highly Configurable for Complex Systems
  • Suitable for all Application Sizes