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CS-Range Configurable Trapped Key Interlocking System

CS-Range is a highly configurable trapped key system which combines isolation and key exchange into either a panel or box mounted solution.

Each barrel location can either be monitored with or without solenoid release or mechanical release only. For applications that require ‘authority key/s’ use CS-R for reverse function (normal operation when the key is free).

A typical CS-Range system uses the first key for control circuit switching (CS or CS-SKR), and the remaining keys are mechanically released (KR) – only when the first key is removed can the mechanical keys be operated and released.

The CS range is fully modular, meaning it is suitable for both simple and complex systems. The parts are ordered separately, but are factory assembled and configured ready for use on delivery.

  • Panel or Box Mounted
  • Up to 10 Key Barrel Positions
  • Monitored, Solenoid Controlled Monitored and Mechanical Release Options
  • Reverse Key Functionality for applications that Require ‘Authority Key/s’