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Trapped Key Control Isolation Switch (Stainless Steel)

Control switches with trapped key are used to change the state of switch contacts to isolate electrical energy to a particular control system. The stop signal is initiated via an internal contact block that is controlled by the key’s position. During normal operation, the contacts are closed and the electrical circuit is complete.

Each control switch trapped key unit is fitted with an internal contact block, suitable for switching low currents from safety relays and PLC’S. Turning the key to the OFF position opens the safety contacts and sends a STOP signal to the control circuit.

Upon isolation, the key can be freed and transferred to the next stage of the trapped key interlocking system. Only when the key is returned, can the control circuit be restored, and the hazardous process be restarted.

  • Manufactured from 316 Grade Stainless Steel
  • Panel Mount or Robust External Mounting
  • Large Range of Contact Configurations
  • SS-ISB-CB Capable of IP69K Protection
  • Optional Lockout Dust Covers