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Trapped Key Interlocks with Single Key (Die-Cast)

Trapped Key Interlocks for access control ensure that a guard door remains securely closed during normal operation and can only be opened when the correct key code is presented. They are ideal for applications that require part body access, such as lids, hatches and small doors.

Once the key is inserted, the interlock will open, allowing access to the hazardous area. During this time, the key will remain trapped until the guard door is closed and the actuator is present.

Trapped Key Interlocks for access control refers to a method for controlling access to hazardous areas of machines and equipment. It involves granting users the ability to gain access to the hazardous area, either in full or in part, using access control interlocks. These interlocks are designed to ensure that a guard or door is locked in a closed position under normal operating conditions and can only be operated when a coded key is inserted and turned, thereby enabling access to the machine.

The Trapped Key process is widely used in various industrial settings to safeguard workers and prevent accidents. It is a highly effective method for ensuring that safety protocols are strictly adhered to and that access to hazardous areas is only granted to authorized personnel. Furthermore, the process can be customized to suit different requirements, making it a versatile and flexible safety solution.

  • Robust Design Suitable for Harsh Environments
  • Large Range of Products for Different Guard Door Types
  • No Wiring Required for Easy Installation and Maintenance
  • Spring Handle Options for Misaligned Guard Doors