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Stainless Steel Solenoid Guard Interlock with RFID Coding

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Solenoid Controlled Safety Interlock Switches with RFID Coding (Stainless Steel)

These solenoid-controlled door interlock switches feature an RFID coded sensor (Type 4, High coding in acc. with EN ISO14119) and a holding force up to 3000N (F1Max).

The KLT-SS-RFID guard locking switch is a tongue type safety interlock which combines traditional mechanical anti-tamper technology (cam system) with a uniquely coded RFID sensor. The head features dual RFID entry on the front and top, providing greater flexibility when mounting.

The KLT-SS-RFID will hold guard doors closed to prevent operators from entering the hazardous machinery during operation. They are ideal for applications that require high anti-tamper technology to prevent accidental or deliberate attempts to by-pass the interlock. Both technologies must be satisfied to enable the machine to be started.

For the harsh environments like Food Processing, Pharmaceutical and Petro-Chemical Industries the Stainless Steel 316 range offers protection up to IP69K for use in high pressure chemical cleaning or CIP/SIP applications. The IP69K enclosure protection (maintained by a double seal lid gasket) and can be high pressure hosed with detergent up to +80C and 100psi.

The RFID coding is unique, meaning only 1 actuator will work at any time. If you lose or damage the actuator, a new one can be re-taught, obsoleting the old code.

Depending on installation, these devices can achieve up to CAT4, SIL3 PLe (EN ISO 13849 and EN ISO 62061).

  • Material: Mirror Polished 316 Stainless Steel
  • Holding Force: Up to F1Max 3000N (300Kg)
  • Safety Configuration: 4 N/C Safety Outputs and 2 N/O Auxiliary Output
  • Solenoid Voltage: 24V dc
  • Coding: Type 4, high coding to ISO14119
  • Actuation: Unique dual RFID actuation from the front and end

  • Guard Locking Safety Switch with RFID (KLT-SS-RFID)

    Guard Locking Safety Switch with RFID (KLT-SS-RFID)

    The KLT-SS-RFID guard locking safety interlock with RFID features a low profile body and with industry standard 73mm fixing centre, to enable easy retrofitting to new or existing guards. The robust design allows for a holding force of up to 3000N to keep medium to large guard doors closed until the hazard/s have been removed.

    • Body Material: Mirror Polished 316 Grade Stainless Steel
    • Ingress Protection: IP69K
    • RFID Coding: Unique (can be retaught if lost or damaged)
    • Safety Configuration: 4 N/C Safety Outputs and 2 N/O Auxiliary Outputs

    NOTE: Suitable for Splash Zones in accordance with EHEDG guidelines.

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