Leading Manufacturer of Safety Interlock Switches and Machine Guard Safety Switch Devices for Automation and Process Safety

  • Non-Contact, Magnetic Operation
  • High Tolerance to Misalignment
  • Various Shapes with Different Connection Types Available
  • Suitable for use in Washdown Environments up to IP69K

Magnetic Non-Contact Safety Interlock Switches (Stainless Steel)

Non-Contact Magnetic Safety Interlock Switches (HYGIEMAG) with magnet and reed operation are used for monitoring moveable guards, doors or covers in safety applications.

HYGIEMAG Safety Interlock Switches fit perfectly in applications where higher tolerances are necessary, e.g., misaligned guarding. Furthermore, they are robust, easy-to-clean and suitable for applications under harsh operating conditions.

When connected to a dual channel safety monitoring device, HYGIEMAG provide a higher level of functional safety (up to PL e).

HYGIEMAG safety switches are manufactured from rugged 316 grade Stainless Steel, suitable for CIP and SIP cleaning procedures, with an ingress protection rating of IP69K. The mirror polished surfaces are less porous and smoother, reducing the accumulation of dirt, bacteria, and organic residues.

HYGIEMAG are an excellent choice for applications in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, where hygiene and safety are of primary importance.