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Magnetic Non-Contact Safety Interlock Switches (Plastic)

Magnetic safety switches (IDEMAG) are used for monitoring of moveable guards, doors or covers in safety applications combining both cost-effectiveness and high safety standards.

IDEMAG Magnetic safety switches fit perfectly in applications where higher tolerances are necessary, e.g., misaligned guarding. Furthermore, when connected to a dual channel safety monitoring device, IDEMAG provide a higher level of functional safety (up to PL e).

IDEMAG are housed in a robust polyester material that provides reliable impact and corrosion resistance for long-term performance. They are commonly used in manufacturing environments to prevent unsafe access to moving machine parts.

  • Non-Contact, Magnetic operation
  • Dual Channel Voltage Free Switching
  • Housed in a Robust, High Specification Polyester Enclosure
  • Wide Sensing Distance and High Tolerance to Misalignment