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8-Pole 10M Female Quick Connect Cable 140102

8-Pole 5M Female Quick Connect Cable 140101

Accessories: Guardian Line Rope Pull Safety Switches

ES-P & ES-SS (3 pole): Standard Duty E Stop

ESL-SS (4 pole & ATEX): Standard Duty E Stop

Full Installation Instructions for IDEM Rope Pull Kits

GLES and GLES-SS: Heavy Duty Emergency Stop Switch

GLHD-Ex & GLHD-SS-Ex Safety Rope Pull Switch

GLHL/R-Ex & GLHL/R-SS-Ex Safety Rope Pull Switches

GLS-Ex and GLS-SS-Ex Safety Rope Pull Switches

Guardian Line Rope Pull Safety Switches Quick Connect Versions

HLM-Ex Explosion Proof Die Cast Limit Switches

HLM-SRL Safety Limit Switch in Die Cast

Material: Red and Black Painted Die-Cast Body / Stainless Steel Head
Actuation: Short Roller Lever
Ingress Protection: IP67

NOTE: Gold plated contacts are available for circuits with low power (5V 5mA).

HLM-SS-Ex Stainless Steel 316 Explosion Proof Limit Switches

HLM-SS: Safety Limit Switches Stainless Steel

IdeSafe Bus System: 2 Wire Safety Communications

KLT-SS-RR Rear Manual Escape Release (3000N)

KLTM-RR Rear Manual Escape Release (3000N)

KP-Z: Tongue Safety Interlock in Plastic with OSSD Outputs

LSMM: Safety Limit Switches (Die Cast Metal)

LSPM: Safety Limit Switches (Plastic Body)

LSPS-R: Safety Limit Switches with Reset (Plastic Body)

LSPS: Safety Limit Switches (Plastic Body)

MLZ Rear Escape Button (90mm) 470401


IDEM offer a unique range of KEY CODE variants that number in the tens of thousands.

To assist in the process of ordering we offer a range of 48 STANDARD KEY CODES which are shown on the page via the download tab on the right (other KEY CODES are available to the customer upon request).

Note: Different KEY FOB colours are available dependent upon the code chosen. This is a customer option to provide the end-user with an easily seen visual aid e.g. the First Key (Primary Key) could be chosen in a different colour to the colour chosen for the Released Keys – therefore easily distinguishing the Primary Key from the other keys in the system.

Please see Order Form TK1 available either on the download form or by contacting IDEM at or

Patch Cord Male to Female 10m 140203

SS-KE Trapped Key Exchange System

The vertical key exchange system is required when multiple access points are present which need to be accessed at the same time. The SS-KE is available with 1 Key IN and up to 5 Keys OUT.

The keys used for the access locks are trapped until the control switch / isolation key is inserted. Only when the 1st key is turned and trapped, can you release the access keys (up to 5). The SS-KE allows for up to 5 keys to be released non-sequentially.

Due to the stainless steel construction, the SS-KE is suitable for use in harsh environments including struct washdown with corrosive chemicals up to IP69K.

SS-MX-P-12 MX Multi Key Exchange Box Mount

SS-MX-P-20 MX Multi Key Exchange Panel Mount

SS-MX-P-8 MX Multi Key Exchange Box Mount

SS-TS-SR-RR Trapped Key – Rear Escape and Handle – Solenoid Release (Stainless Steel)

Trapped Key Interlock with Solenoid Controlled Release Key and Rear Escape (M-TS-SR-RR)

The M-TS-SR-RR Trapped Key Interlock operates by using a solenoid controlled release key, which can be removed upon requesting entry. Turning and remove the key unlocks the actuator and allows access to the hazardous area. The released key (often referred to as the personnel key) should be taken inside the hazardous area to reduce the likelihood of an inadvertent start-up. In the likelihood you are trapped within the hazardous area, the rear escape button and knob can be activated to manually override the solenoid for emergency escape. Material: Mirror Polished Die-Cast Metal Holding Force: F1Max 3000N Note: Key sold separately. Optional pushbutton and illuminated emergency stop available.

Two Hand Control Run Bar Stations (TouchSafe)

IDEM’s TouchSafe Two-Hand Control panels are designed to provide reliable protection by ensuring the machine operators hands are located on the control station when the signal for machine operation is issued. TouchSafe Two-hand Control run bars are generally used for setting-up work, such as press applications. Other uses include single-stroke operations for feed and removal processes. TouchSafe has been designed in accordance with EN 574.