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Hinge Door Safety Interlock Switch

Product range approvals:

Hinge Safety Interlock Switches with Voltage Free Outputs (Die-Cast)

HS Hinge Switches are designed for interlock position sensing of hinged moving guards. Once fitted to the hinged axis of the machine guard door, they provide a robust hinge function and reliable interlock position sensing. Blank hinges are also available if your guard door requires two hinges.

The HSM mounts directly to the machine guard frame and acts as a load bearing hinge, supporting up to 800N axial holding force. Contact blocks are available in slow make/break 3NC 1NO, or 2NC 2NO and provide positive opening contacts in accordance with IEC 60947-5-1, offering a very high degree of anti-tamper.

The diecast, mirror polished enclosure provides IP67 protection.

Operation of the HS is achieved by opening the guard until it reaches a user-defined switching point. Positive actuation of the contacts is achieved at only 6 degrees of opening and can be adjusted up to 12 degrees after installation.

  • Housing: Mirror Polished, Diecast
  • Axial Holding Force: 800N
  • Contacts: 3NC 1NO, or 2NC 2NO
  • Ingress Protection: IP67
  • Operating Temperature: -25c to +80c
  • Connectivity: Pre-wired or M12 8-Pole Quick Connect