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Tongue Interlock Safety Switches (Non-Locking) for Explosive Environments (Stainless Steel)

IDEM’s range of Explosion Proof Tongue Interlock Switches have been developed to satisfy the latest IECEx and ATEX Standards and provide Explosion Proof switching to satisfy the hazardous conditions created within the oil, chemical, pharmaceutical and food processing and packaging industries.

Designed to fit to the leading edge of sliding, hinged or lift off machine guards they provide positively operated switching contacts and provide a tamper resistant, not easily defeated key mechanism. They combine Explosion Proof protection and satisfy high functional safety requirements all in one device.

They are available in Stainless Steel 316 to satisfy virtually all applications where the potential for explosion exists.

They are manufactured with ATEX Exd IIC T6 certified explosion proof contact blocks. All electrical switching elements are fully encapsulated. The range conforms to European harmonised standards EN60079-0 and EN60079-1 and are suitable for use in European Zones 1,2,21,22 environments (Gas and Dust).

Designed for use in the Oil, Petro-Chemical, Food Processing and Packaging, Pharmaceutical industries where potential explosive atmospheres are present.