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Emergency Stop Stations (Plastic)

Emergency stop Stations (E-Stops) are designed to provide robust emergency stop function for exposed conveyors or machines. They are used by operators to shut down a machine, system, or process in the event of an emergency.

Emergency stop switches are mounted on machines and sections of plant conveyors that cannot be protected by guards. In combination with any dual channel safety monitoring controllers, these devices can be used as emergency stops and monitored up to CAT4/PLe to ISO13849-1.

All IDEM’s emergency stop switches conform to European Standards EN ISO13850 and IEC60947-5-5. They feature a positive mechanical linkage between the switch contacts and the E Stop button. The switches are mechanically latched and can then only be returned to the operational condition by pressing the reset button, as required by EN ISO13850.

All of IDEM’s emergency stop switches come with a special safety trip lid mechanism, meaning that the safety contacts will open if the lid is removed from the body, adding an extra level of protection.

  • Material: High Specification Polyester in Yellow
  • Contacts: 3-Pole Positively Operated Contact Blocks
  • Conduit Entry: M20 or 1/2″NPT Knockout
  • Ingress Protection: IP67