Leading Manufacturer of Safety Interlock Switches and Machine Guard Safety Switch Devices for Automation and Process Safety

  • Material: Black, Polyester
  • Contacts: 2 N/C Safety + 1 N/O Auxiliary
  • Indication: Two LEDs to indicate different switch states
  • Connectivity: Pre-Wired or M12 Quick Connect (QC)

MGL-Series Non-Contact Electromagnetic RFID Safety Switches (Plastic)

The MGL-Range are RFID Coded, electromagnetic safety locking switches. They provide a high level of functional safety whilst maintaining a reliable magnetic door interlock.

Coding is achieved by using both magnetic locking and RFID sensing techniques. Both principles need to be satisfied for the switch to operate safely.

They are available in two coding types:

Master (M): Only one actuator will work at a time and can be re-taught by powering the switch on and off. Doing this will obsolete the old actuator code.

Unique (U): Only one actuator will work and CANNOT be re-taught to another actuator.

The actuator has been designed to be flexible with a degree of tolerance to misalignment. Residual magnetization holding technique acts as a light magnetic latch after unlocking or loss of power to the machine. Special versions are available without the residual hold, ideal for smaller doors.

The MGL range will connect to most popular standard safety relays to achieve up to PLe/CAT4 to ISO13849-1. This includes IDEM’s VIPER SCR range.