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Python Conveyor Belt Alignment Switches (Die-Cast)

Conveyor Belt Alignment switches are mounted on sections of plant conveyors to protect against excessive belt drift due to an unintentional movement. They can be fitted at appropriate points along the conveyor length to ensure that should the belt position drift, the roller arm of the switch will move to a pre-determined position and cause activation of a control circuit.

Each standard sized belt alignment switch contains two sets of contacts, one which indicates a warning signal (for maintenance purposes) and the other a stop signal, disconnecting the outputs and stopping the belt.

The rollers are also manufactured from stainless steel and are designed for use in heavy duty areas to maintain conveyor belt alignment and prevent belts running out of alignment and causing damage to both the line and products.

The Python range of Conveyor Alignment Switches are housed in a yellow painted die-cast metal body. The robust housing offers enhanced protection and is suitable for use outdoors.

All switches conform to European Standard IEC 60947-5-1 and provide positively operated contacts at the point of tripping. They can be used to satisfy the requirements of EN 620 with regard to conveyor control hazards caused by shifting of the belt position during running. They are available in different roller diameters to provide heavy duty performance and long life.

  • Indication: With or without LED
  • Operating Torque: 3.0 – 5.0Nm
  • Warning Signal: 10 – 18 degrees
  • Stop Initiated: 15-35 degrees
  • Ingress Protection: IP67