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Working in Pharmaceutical manufacturing can be very dangerous, especially if the right precautions are not followed or, the working environment is not up to standard. It Is important that pharmaceutical equipment remains clean and well sterilized to avoid contamination and spread of bacteria. The need for safety devices to be tested and approved to IP69K is becoming ever more important.

Effective machinery safety must consider regulatory constraints and other factors such as explosive atmospheres, toxicity of ingredients and use of cooling, heating and corrosive agents.

At IDEM Safety Switches, we specialise in manufacturing equipment used in the pharmaceutical sectors. Our robust, mirror polished stainless steel products are rigorously tested to IP67 and IP69K. We have an extensive range of ATEX approved safety products, including IP69K safety switches, emergency stops and limit switches.

IDEM recommends

Coded Magnetic Non-Contact Safety Interlock Switch (CMC-F)

Coded Magnetic Non-Contact Safety Interlock Switch (SMC-F)

Electromagnetic RFID Switch 1100N (MGL-1SS)

Electromagnetic RFID Switch 600N (MGL-2SS)

Emergency Stop Device 3-Pole Contacts in 316 Stainless Steel (ES-SS)

Explosion Proof Emergency Stop Button Station (ESL-SS-EX)

Explosion Proof Non-Contact Safety Interlock Switch (CM3-Ex)

Explosion Proof Non-Contact Safety Interlock Switch (WM2-Ex)

Explosion Proof Tongue Interlock Safety Switch (KM-SS-EX)

Guard Locking RFID Safety Switch with OSSD up to 3000N (KL3-SS-Z)

Guard Locking Safety Switch up to 3000N (KL3-SS)

Hygienic Emergency Stop Device with 4-Pole Contacts (ESL-SS-WR)

Stainless Steel Safety Limit Switch with Adjustable Roller Lever (HLM-SS-ARL)

Tongue Interlock Safety Switch HYGIECAM (KM-SS)