• Feb 8, 2021
  • Author: Chris Best
Z-Range New Product Release Announcement

Introducing Z-Range Intelligent Series of Safety Products from IDEM Safety

The Z-Range has been designed to maintain SIL3, PLe, even when connected in series. This new technology has been augmented into IDEM’s existing mechanical products for an ‘all in one’, machine guarding solution that doesn’t compromise on safety.

Reduce production downtime with easy to understand LED diagnostics. The raised indication on the safety rope pulls and emergency stops greatly improves visibility, even over longer distances. Due to the pulsed OSSD outputs, faults are detected immediately and displayed either on the switch, or through the use of the auxiliary output.

Looking for simple connectivity? IDEM has you covered. The new Z-Range connection accessories reduces installation time and speeds up any future replacement of damaged parts.

The Z-Range technology is available in the majority of IDEMs safety products, ranging from RFID non-contact to solenoid controlled gate switches with machine control functions. Maintaining a high level of functional safety doesn’t have to be difficult or costly.

Visit Z-Range Product Category or download a copy of the brochure at Downloads Page