Ordering your coded keys

Standard Key (SK)

Ejector Key (EK)

SK Keys can be used throughout the system and all Sales Numbers start with SK0followed by a letter and then three digits eg. SK-A101 (See example of key codes below).
Ejector keys can be used where a secondary function requires an operator to enter and carry the key into a hazardous area. They key is spring loaded and will pop out of the key barrel to prompt the user to take the key with them.
Different key fob colours are available dependent upon the code chosen. This is a customer option to provide the end-user with an easily seen visual aid. Eg. The First Key (Primary Key) could be chosen in a different colour to the colour chosen for the Released Keys – therefore easily distinguishing the Primary Key from the other keys in the system. • Thousands of key codes available. • Custom key labels available on request

Custom Key (CK)

CHOOSE YOUR COLOUR 5 colours are available to choose from.


Fully customisable label. Any character configurations can be used as long as it fits within 33.12mm.



Using the key codes above, add CK to the front of the description. For example CK-A101 will have a yellow label and A101 coding.

The customised description needs to be added to the order against each key.


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