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NETBOX Distributed I/O Control Stations for Advanced Network Communication via PROFINET PROFIsafe or EtherNet I/P CIP Safety.

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The NETBOX has been designed with fully configurable I/O which can be programmed as 3 dual channel safety inputs or non-safe inputs. The
pushbuttons are modular and can be configured over CIP Safety or PROFIsafe.

This industry leading solution provides a convenient way of integrating direct communication to PLC control, benefiting from reduced wiring, quicker installation, reduced maintenance and maximum production up-time.

Unlock the benefits of distributed I/O over Industrial Ethenet with the NETBOX.

Configurable I/O over Industrial Ethernet CIP Safety and PROFIsafe Protocols

The NETBOX provides safety application coverage over industrial ethernet (CIP Safety or PROFIsafe) with the ability to mix safety devices and standard devices on the same network. It also features pushbutton control functionality making the NETBOX a convenient way of integrating direct communication to PLC control, benefiting from reduced wiring, quicker installation, lower maintenance and maximizing production up-time.

Large range of connections to satisfy your most complex requirements

The NETBOX is available with additional I/O connectivity, allowing up to 6 safety inputs (3 dual channels) and 8 standard inputs and 8 standard outputs to be connected directly to the unit. These can include enabling pendants, light curtains, safety sensors, safety interlocks and much more. Up to 6 connectors can be used for external I/O and are factory configured based on your requirements.

Modular lid Supports up to 6 22mm Pushbuttons for Control Over your Safety Functions

A choice of illuminated push buttons, lamps, emergency stops and selector switches can be configured for operator and maintenance control. Legacy labels or text / images can be added to the buttons for easy identification of functionality.

NETBOX Unlocks the Benefits of Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing.

More companies are starting to seek the benefits of Smart manufacturing in their factories, connecting their automation and control systems to their IT infrastructure via the use of Industrial Ethernet.

Now, factories want to incorporate their safety in the same way.

Making machinery safe often requires a multitude of devices to achieve the correct safety standard, the NETBOX provides the ability to mix safety and non-safety devices on the same network.

Robotic palletising systems are a good example of dangerous machinery requiring multiple safety products.

The NETBOX is compatible with many types of safety and non-safety related devices.

Using industrial ethernet, this distributed I/O solution allows multiple devices to be connected into one, central hub. Connector positions can be changed on request. 


  1. Type 4 Light Curtain Receiver (1 dual channel safety input)
  2. Type 4 Light Curtain Transmitter (1 standard input)
  3. Connection to PLC / data transmission
  4. Connection to PSU
  5. Connection to Emergency Stops (1 dual channel safety input – in series with e-stop on the NETBOX lid).
  6. Stack Light (number of inputs needed depends on functionality required)
  7. Solenoid Controlled RFID Locking Switch with Trapped Key (1 dual channel safety input)
  8. RFID Non-Contact Safety Switches in Series using IDEM connection block (1 dual channel safety input)

The NETBOX is the World’s First Network Enabled Control Station Suitable for Food and Beverage Manufacturing.

The NETBOX-WR is designed specifically for applications in Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical manufacturing. It is totally unique and is the only product of its kind, bringing the power of Industrial Ethernet to control stations in hygienic environments.

The food and beverage sector is one of the largest marketplaces of the 21st century, and IDEM have you covered. From basic safety interlocks and emergency stops to a networked safety device, our specialist products in 316 stainless steel are mirror polished to the highest standard. Our state-of-the-art factory is fully equipped to test products under IP65, IP66, IP67, IP68 and IP69K conditions.

NETBOX application idea for environments with extreme wash down procedures.

As the world’s population increases, so does the pressure on Food and Beverage manufacturing. To remain competitive, companies must find more efficient ways to safely manage industrial automation, protecting both productivity and personnel.

The NETBOX aims to address this by incorporating the latest technologies in a hygienic IP69K enclosure. The user has either the option of connecting their field devices via M12 connector or using the four conduit entries to ensure better protection against washdown procedures.

For example, two conduits are used for power and data and two conduits for connecting safety devices. The MLZ and MMZ have OSSD outputs, so you can connect multiple units in series without effecting the safety and performance level.

The NETBOX-SS features IDEM’s IP69K silicone button covers that are protective against chemical wash downs at high temperatures and pressures.

If you opt for using the connectors, then we recommend using a heat shrink to protect against water ingress.