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KLM-Z-SKR Type 4 Safety Gate Lock with RFID Sensor, OSSD Outputs and Coded Release Key.

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The Z-Range RFID coded solenoid guard locking safety switches have been designed as a robust position interlock for detection of moving guards, providing a lock mechanism to keep the guard closed until the hazard has been removed. The integrated RFID coding creates a high level of anti-tamper that cannot be easily defeated or by-passed.

The Z-Range will connect to most OSSD compatible safety relays and combines internal self-monitoring with High Coded RFID (Type 4 to EN14119), achieving PLe/CAT4 safety level (ISO 13849-1), even when connected in series (up to 30 units).

Flexible design with rotating head

The head of the switch features a highly reliable anti-tamper cam system with RFID sensing on two entry points, suitable for fitting to the leading edge of sliding or hinged machine guards. This combination of technologies achieves the highest level of functional safety and coding available. The head can rotate to provide up to 8 actuator entry positions for full flexibility when mounting.

Reliable rear release

The KLM-Z-SKR features a escape release functionality as described in ISO 14119. Should the operator become trapped inside the hazardous area, a means of escape is provided via a 2-stage process.

  1. Press and hold the red button.
  2. Turn the red handle down to unlatch the gate.

Solenoid released 'Personnel Key'

The KLM-Z-SKR features a coded personnel key which is commonly used in full body access situations, allowing the user to operate safely inside the hazardous area. Only when the key is returned, can the door be locked and the machine restarted.

Multi-Function Key

The key can also be used in conjunction with an IDEM key operated control switch to operate a robot in teach mode. 

This ensures the operator takes the key inside with them.