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A PROUD ACHIEVEMENT The Odo J. Struger Automation Award is an honour bestowed annually on the engineer who has made the most outstanding contribution in the field of automation. The winner of the award for 2000 is Medi Motasham, Director of Research and Development at Guardmaster, UK in the Components and Packaging Group. Medi, an employee of Rockwell Automation with the acquisition of EJA Ltd. in 1999, was honoured for his contributions to the development of machine safety components. Having been responsible for the initial set up of the Research and Development department of EJA, Medi initiated the design and invention of the majority of EJA’s Safety Switches and was also responsible for the launch of Trojan, Titan, Atlas, LRS Rope Switches and various other Safety Products which are distributed on a worldwide basis. His distinguished contribution to the Guardmaster line of safety products culminated in his increased responsibility for the design of Guardmaster, Sigma and Nelsa product lines.


Medi commences his employment at EJA Engineering, a small local distributor of electrical products based at Hindley Green near Manchester in the United Kingdom.


Medi creates the Research and Development Department and designs Trojan, Atlas, Rotacam and the LRS1 Rope Switches.


The Guardmaster brand is established and EJA becomes the largest supplier of safety switches in the UK.


The Guardmaster brand becomes established worldwide with the popular product lines of Trojan, Titan, Ferrogard and LRS4.


Medi is a member of the management buyout team that acquires EJA Engineering Group (comprising of Guardmaster, Sigma Controls and Nelsa).


Rockwell Automation acquires the EJA Group and markets the safety switches as the AB Guardmaster brand globally.


Medi leaves Rockwell in order to create IDEM Safety Switches with a vision to develop the “Next Generation” of safety switches that will be designed and manufactured in the UK.


IDEM manufactures the first of the “Next Generation” products in a purpose built facility near Manchester in the UK.


IDEM becomes established as the leading developer of “Next Generation” safety switches and interlocks, specialising in products for the Food Industry, Explosion Proof applications and Factory Automation. The new brands of Kobra Tongue, Guardian Rope, Idemag, Idecode, Euromag, Hygiemag, Hygiecode, Modus are sold globally.


Rockwell ceases manufacturing at their Rockwell Automation site at Hindley Green, UK. IDEM acquires the site with a vision to set up a World Class Centre of Excellence for the design and manufacture of machine safety devices.


80% of IDEM personnel are ex-Guardmaster Rockwell Automation. IDEM’s people are now right back where the journey started.


IDEM are established as the UK’s largest manufacturer of machine safety switches and also produce the world’s largest range of stainless steel 316 machine safety switches. 


IDEM develops Python Belt Alignment Switches for preventing conveyor belts from being damaged or being destroyed as the result of the belt running off track.


IDEM launches the UGB-NET, becoming one of three companies in the world to manufacture a safety gate lock with industrial ethernet (PROFIsafe / CIP Safety).


IDEM win’s the prestigious Queen’s Awards for Enterprise: International Trade 2022.


IDEM win’s the prestigious King’s Awards for Enterprise: Innovation 2023.


IDEM continues to develop and introduce new switches for the machine safety and automation industry.

IDEM Safety Switches was created in 2003 by Medi Motasham, the former Head of Research and Development at EJA/Guardmaster. Over 18 years as Technical Director of EJA/Guardmaster, and later Rockwell Automation, he designed and developed the popular Guardmaster Brand Products that included Trojan, Titan, Cadet, Rotacam, Ferrogard, Spartan, Lifeline, Minotaur, etc. Now IDEM’s team, currently with over 200 years’ experience between them, have set a new industry standard by offering the “Next Generation” of machine safety interlocks and devices with higher reliability, increased features and up to date durability to cope with the ever-increasing environmental demands placed on machine safety devices.

Setting the Standard in Machine Safety

At IDEM’s state-of-the-art UK production facility, we design, manufacture and test all our products in-house, meeting the toughest of conditions and the highest of quality standards. We lead our industry in engineering innovative, durable products that you can absolutely rely on.

Expert Customer Support

The team at IDEM has specialised in developing machine safety devices since 1985. With this wealth of experience, our expert team will guide you through the process of specifying the best safety solutions to keep your machinery both safe and fully productive.

The Industry’s Most Comprehensive Product Range

We offer a vast choice of machine safety solutions for a host of industrial sectors, from simple E-Stops to the most advanced networked interlock systems. IDEM proudly manufactures the world’s largest range of Stainless-Steel safety devices, including IP69K and EHEDG hygiene compliant products designed for the most challenging environments.

Worldwide Availability

Through our network of global distributors, you can access industry certified IDEM machine safety products, wherever you are on the planet, where and when you need them.