Leading Manufacturer of Safety Interlock Switches and Machine Guard Safety Switch Devices for Automation and Process Safety

IDEM Safety has engineered the world’s smallest safety interlocks in mirror polished 316 stainless-steel, suitable for hygienic environments. The MLZ and MMZ features an RFID Type 4 coded actautor and OSSD outputs for series connection.

At just 30 x 30 x 145mm high, the MLZ is a solenoid-controlled safety interlock device designed for easy, discrete installation on the narrowest of machine guard rails and requires no mounting plate.

Tested to IP67 and IP69K, and suitable for SIP and CIP cleaning, the MLZ and MMZ safety interlocks are robust enough for outdoor use as well as for strict washdown environments. The device’s smooth surface and rounded edges make cleaning easier, reducing the likelihood of bacteria build-up which makes it an ideal locking switch solution for food contact, beverage, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Powerful locking capability

Despite its small size, this innovative safety switch is incredibly durable and strong, with an impressive holding force of 4000N when locked. The MLZ can easily handle medium to large scale guarding applications. For heavier guards it comes with an adjustable ball-catch allowing the user toquickly and easily adjust the latching force on installation to match the guards requirements. A rear escape button for exiting a safeguarded area when the access door is locked is also available as an option.

Versatility designed-in

Compatible with both sliding and hinged guards, the MLZ features a unique head and actuator design with RFID coded sensing on 3 switch faces, making it flexible enough to be integrated onto almost any type of machine guard door. As well as being quick to install, intuitive LED indicators make fault diagnosis simple to identify.

IDEM MLZ Locking Switch

Compact, hygienic and reliable

The MMZ is the world’s smallest 316 Stainless Steel RFID safety switch. The 22mm fixing centres and compact design is suitable for monitoring doors, gates and other moveable safeguards which demand a high degree of manipulation protection.

The unique design offers many features a plastic switch would offer, plus more. The lens is molded directly into the housing for a perfectly smooth surface, this, combined with the mirror polished finish makes the MMZ ideal for hygienic environments. 

Versatile mounting

The MMZ features a symmetrical design that supports both left- and right-hand cable runs. 

Connectivity for high-level safety

To achieve an even higher level of safety across multiple machine guards, the MLZ  and MMZ can be connected in series for up to 30 devices, maintaining CAT4, SIL3, PLe and meets the requirements for Type 4 coding in accordance with EN ISO14119. With OSSD technology, wiring is simple, reducing the number of outputs down to a single pair back to the safety controller.

The MLZ and MMZ are additions to IDEM’s established Z-Range of safety switches which cater for a variety of machine safety applications, each of which is capable of interconnectivity. The range also includes the compact MPZ RFID safety switches for monitoring doors, gates and other moveable safeguards demanding a high degree of manipulation protection.