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ESL-SS-WR Hygienic Emergency Stop Device in Mirror Polished 316 Stainless Steel, Tested to IP69K.

The stainless steel Emergency Stop ESL-SS-WR is the latest addition to the hygienic range of products. The unique design has been specifically tailored for the strict wash down environments found in Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical industries.

The body is constructed using 316 grade stainless-steel with a mirror polished finish. The steel is easy to clean, and entirely non-absorbent, ensuring that a surface clean is enough to remove all bacteria and germs.

The ESL-SS-WR is also resistant to most other external factors which may threaten its hygienic state, such as dents and scratches, making it a sealed and protected surface.

Manufactured from the highest quality materials for exceptional performance in hygienic environments.

Hygienic body is easier to clean.

The ESL-SS-WR is comprised of mirror polished 316 stainless steel and combines the lid and body into a single part. This reduces the likelihood of food traps in the seam and the 10-degree angled surface ensures no liquid remains on the product at any time. This is especially advantageous in strict washdown environments.

Hygienic screws for strict washdown.

The screws that secure the body to the base are manufactured from 316 stainless steel and have a smooth surface which removes the likelihood of contaminant build up. Rubber gaskets protect the screw shafts from liquid ingress during cleaning – this can form bacteria overtime which can be dangerous if entering the supply chain.

Button detected by X-Ray / Metal.

The button is designed using a special material that is both metal and x-ray detectable, for use in modern food production environments. Should the button be damaged and end up on the production line, it will be detected before entering the supply chain. This makes the ESL-SS-WR suitable for direct contact zone applications.

The ESL-SS-WR on a Conveyor Application in a Food Production Plant

The ESL-SS-WR Emergency Stop Station is suitable for both direct and splash zone applications. The button is comprised of a material that is detectable by X-Ray and metal detectors. Should the button end up on the conveyor, it will be detected before it enters the supply chain.

The mirror polished body, angled surface and flat head screws drastically reduces the likelihood of bacteria build up on the surface.

Accessories for ESL-SS-WR Hygienic Emergency Stop

Optional accessories include a stainless-steel spacer kit and rubber seal for ESL-SS-WR. The rubber seal provides a tight water resistant seal around the base of the switch when bolted to a machine. In addition, the spacer kit also provides a stainless steel backplate and 4xM4 spacers, raising the switch of the surface to prevent liquids from accumulating at the rear.

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Spacer Kit

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Rear Rubber Seal