In an automotive industry, the factory floors are busy and bustling places of manufacturing robots and equipment. They contain moving machinery and thousands of workers, and both work in collaboration.

It is important for the automotive sector to adopt efficient ways to manufacture, without compromising on the overall safety of the machine. Within an automotive manufacturing site, multiple processes include robotic welding, press plants, paint systems and assembly, all requiring different types of machine safety devices.

Installing the correct safety system can be complicated and costly, providing many obstacles to overcome. At IDEM safety, we have developed an extensive range of products that can improve safety without comprising on productivity. Check out our new range of gate boxes with integrated Profisafe and CIP Safety protocols.

IDEM recommends

Emergency Stop Device with LED 4-Pole Contacts in 316 Stainless Steel (ESL-SS-L)

Emergency Stop Device with OSSD (ESL-SS-Z)

Guard Locking RFID Safety Switch with Control Functionality (KLM-Z-4ST)

RFID Safety Gate Box 2 Station (UGB2-KLTM)

Trapped Key Exchange System 1 IN / 1-9 OUT (M-KE)

UGB-NET Gate Box in Red Die Cast with Integrated CIP Safety

UGB-NET Gate Box with Integrated PROFIsafe