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Aggregates / Mining

The mining industry over the past 2 decades have adopted machine safety programs with interventions and control technologies to reduce injuries to personnel working near machinery and mobile equipment. Machine safety attempts to address the human interface issues involving the operation and maintenance of the equipment.

Mining companies are also steadily introducing their preferred safety systems across global operations. Because of the individual nature of mines, a one-size-fits-all solution is difficult, so some form of harmonized corporate standards is more likely than product-specific mandates.

IDEM’s extensive range of safety equipment includes products tailored for the mining industry. These include robust safety rope pull switches, stainless steel emergency stops, belt alignment switches, trapped key interlocks all with ATEX versions for underground operations.


For long conveyors, IDEM offers a unique, double head version that can protect up to 125m on each side. This is especially advantageous when trying to reduce the installation time, cost and wiring.

Due to the harsh environments often associated with mining, trapped key solutions are used to provide a robust means of safety. The simple mechanical technology means they are suitable for areas that are prone to shock and vibration. Dual key gate interlocks can be used to release a key and take it inside the hazardous area. This method reduces the likelihood of inadvertent start-ups whilst the operator is inside the guarded area. IDEM’s scorpion trapped key interlocks are designed and manufactured to the highest standard and can accommodate anything from simple to complex systems.