About IDEM Safety Switches

IDEM’s extensive range of safety switches provide our customers with cost-effective, machine safety solutions.

Our team of designers, with numerous years of expertise in the safety field, continue to design and present new innovative products to the market.

IDEM’s range of “Next Generation” products harness higher reliability, the latest features and are manufactured in materials to provide high durability to cope with the continually increasing demands placed on machine safety devices.

Warehouse Automation

Leveraging warehouse automation solutions can help warehouses increase productivity and accuracy, reduce labor costs and improve safety.


Aggregates / Mining

The mining industry over the past 2 decades have adopted machine safety with interventions and control technologies to reduce injuries to personnel working near machinery and mobile equipment.



Many hazards and injuries can result from the use of robots in the workplace. Some robots, notably those in a traditional industrial environment, are fast and powerful. This increases the potential for injury.



In an automotive industry, the factory floors are busy and bustling places of manufacturing robots and equipment. They contain moving machinery and thousands of workers, and both work in collaboration.



The pharmaceutical industry employ various technologies, plant and machinery in the production of active ingredients, tableting, filling capsules and other dispensers and packaging


Food & Beverage

The food & beverage industry is under constant pressure to meet rising consumer demand. This means increased production, lower prices, whilst improving on quality and variety.


Idem Safety Switches Site Content Guide

This site features the range of Machine Safety Switches from IDEM Safety Switches as the UK’s leading designer and manufacturer of Safety Interlock Switches, Monitoring Devices and Machine Sensors. The site showcases our safety switch innovation and technology with many differing types of switch including Rope Pull Safety Switches, Trapped Key Exchange Systems and Safety Relays.

The range of safety switches includes Coded Magnetic Non Contact Safety Interlock Switches, Magnetic Non Contact Safety Interlock Switches, Mechanical Tongue Safety Interlock Switches, Solenoid Locking Safety Interlock Switches, RFID Coded Safety Interlock Switches, Safety Relays and Safety Sensors all designed here at IDEM Safety Switches. Machine Safety Switches are shown including Guard Switches, Position Switches, Magnetic Switches, Coded Switches, Limit Switches and Belt Alignment Switches.

Please use the contact link to seek information on the full range of Machine Safety Switches, Rope Safety Switches and other Safety Interlock Switch products.

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Ranges include Kobra, Guardian Line, Hygiemag, Hygiecode, Idemag, Idecode, Euromag, Viper, Skorpion, Python and Z range switches.

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