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MGL-1M and MGL-2M

Available with a choice of two holding forces, as follows: Heavy Duty (MGL-1M: 1500N) or Medium Duty (MGL-2M: 1000N).

Designed and manufactured with a black die cast aluminium body.

RFID provides a high degree of anti-tamper - virtually impossible to override.

Uniquely coded RFID or Series Coded RFID available - depending upon user’s risk assessment for application.

The actuator has been designed to be flexible and therefore has a degree of tolerance to misalignment.

The MGL-1M and 2M are able to connect to most popular safety relays to achieve up to PLe and Cat.4 for ISO13849-1.

Able to connect up to 20 switches in series.

Ability to connect other switches and E-Stops in series.

Unique triggering of solenoid latching mechanism to maintain close control of actuator position.

Choices of 8-core cable or M12 quick connect (QC).

Remanence magnetization holding technique acts as a light magnetic latch after unlocking.

Supplied with 2 LEDs to indicate all the different switch states.

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